Hello there and welcome in our website. From authentic weddings and spontaneous elopements to adventurous couple sessions and unexpected wedding proposals, North2South photographers seek everywhere and love to visually narrate one-of-a kind stories.

Photography for us is a medium to communicate with people and our surroundings through a constant process of creativity and authentic expression. We consider ourselves visual storytellers, so we always emphasize on the story that unfolds in front us. Observing and witnessing the interaction of people and the emotions they share with each other is what really fascinates us.

If we could describe life with only two words that would be travel and adventure. We look for inspiring and adventurous stories of people from culturally diverse backgrounds to interact with, and as our trademark implies, living worldwide from north to south and east to west. Therefore, we are more than excited to create photographs with people that are eager to be adventurous, get out of their comfort zone and explore places where we can conjure memories together. So, you guess right, we also are available worldwide.

We strongly believe that people need to go through challenging experiences to mature and realize which is the right path for them to follow in life. The same process happened to us in order to perceive that photography is a way of living that guides us towards the authentic meaning of life. 

Apart from being a human being madly in love with life and a great passion for traveling and adventures, if you can also relate to our photographic style and the way we approach the bonds of people, then we would love to hear from you and plan together the visual storytelling of your own unique story!